Plums and Figs

As is often the case, this project started with a request from my aunt – this time for a necklace in plums and greys. Once I had all of those beads out (I think I was working with about 20 or so different types), I figured I may as well enjoy them – I loved the colors together. The result was the necklace that was originally commissioned, a single strand necklace, a single strand and a triple strand bracelet, and a few pairs of earrings. For someone who claims purple as a favorite color, I had surprisingly little purple jewelry prior to this.

Kite EarringsPurple and Grey Cluster EarringsPurple and Grey NecklacePurple and Grey BraceletPurple and Grey Three-Strand BraceletPurple and Grey Three-Strand NecklacePurple and Grey Three-Strand Necklace - Detail

Figs? I recently learned there is a fig tree near where I work. I’m all about trying new things – my main experience with figs is in “Newton” form. Not my favorite snack. But everything deserves a second chance. As it turns out, fresh figs are quite tasty. I picked a bagful and then went in search of a recipe. I settled on a fig tart with a rosemary cornmeal crust and a lemon marscarpone filling. My knitting group will get to try it out tonight. Now I just need to figure out what I am going to knit tonight to keep me from eating the entire tart….

Fig and Lemon Marscarpone Tart in Rosemary Cornmeal Crust

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